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SLA Rito 7075 828

Registration number: 19303536

SLA Erica 2017 8015

Registration number: 19325965

SLA Coleman Lady W2 8021

Registration number: 19303537

SLA Barbara AD 8044

Registration number: 19330261

SLA Rito Revolt 802 8048

Registration number: 19325964

Black Grove Rainmaker 586

Registration number: 19177456

Choice Pregnancies out of WMS Blackcap May 7397

Registration number:18889604

Maternal sister to highest income producing cow SAV Blackcap May 4136. Full sister to the dam of $800,000 selling bull SAV Elation. Pregnancy sires include Hoover No Doubt, Confidence Plus, Active Duty, and Black Magic.
Choice Pregnancies to Baldridge Isabel B758

Registration number:18060644

An $80,000 donor dam whose first pregnancy sold for $17,000 and first heifer offered at auction was top selling for $50,000. Sires to these pregnancies include Spring Cove Reno, LD Capitalist 316, Active Duty, VAR Power Play, and Baldridge Expand 743.
Selling 1/3 interest of SLA RB Lady Standard 6033

Registration number:18529702

This heavy set cow was the top selling heifer on the SpringLake Angus 2016 sale selling at $86,000. This picture was taken 11/26/18 after she’d been on stalks for 30 days. This proves the weight gaining ability of this beautiful cow and her amazing power to hold that weight on. She’s already proven to be a great donor dam and has given us flush pairings with sires such as Cowboy Up, Sensation, and Acclaim. 6033 will be showcased at this years sale with a natural born calf at her side.
Choice Pregnancies out of Baldridge Isabel E292

Registration number:18812457

Flush sister to 1/2 interest $320,000 E2257 and to $200,000 donor E318. Sires to these pregnancies include Hoover No Doubt, Spring Cove Reno, and LD Capitalist 316.

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