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Where the Legacy of RR Rito 707 Continues…

Welcome to SpringLake Angus! With over 50 years in the registered Angus business, we continue the legacy of RR Rito 707 and the late Delbert Timperley. We are a family owned ranch and business and we make our home in the Sandhills of North Central Nebraska.

We have commercial and registered yearling bulls for sale, as well as a selection of 2 year old bulls. We also have semen and embryos available.

Recent News

SpringLake Angus 7th Annual Sale

Join us on Friday, April 5, 2019

Selling in the Female Foundation sale at the Denver Stock Show If you’re interested in a rare crossing that created two beautiful, thick, powerful sisters then look into the Female Foundation sale at the Denver Stock Show. Specifically Lots 62A and 62B are two heavy duty flush sisters out of HA Cowboy Up and SLA Maggie 278.These heifers are everything you want in weight gaining, fantastic foundation and excellent temperaments. Traced back to R R Rito 98 times, these girls speak for themselves in holding the deep rooted bloodlines of the old Angus breed with a flare of something new brought to you by the $350,000 high growth sire Cowboy Up. Check them out!

SpringLake Angus Genetics
Our most recent group of feeder cattle show the great genetics of SpringLake Angus bulls. As a group these girls averaged a weight of 950 pounds before being put on a corn feed. They were then fed this corn feed for 110 days, averaging a weight gain of 5.3 pounds per day, ending with a group average weight of 1,532 pounds. If you’re looking for some great weight gaining animals to add to your herd, be sure to come to our sale Friday, April 5th. Or contact us for a sale book. We’ll be selling bulls, heifers, bred heifers, and cow/calf pairs that could make a great addition to your bloodline.

Real Numbers! Data that is Proven!
On August 25, 2017, SpringLake Angus sold 105 steers on the Big Horn Classic Superior Livestock Auction out of Sheridan WY. Out of 22,703 head of steers weighing 500 to 550 pounds, SpringLake Angus equalled the HIGHEST DOLLAR BEEF on the sale after receiving $1.875 at 530 pounds per animal. These numbers are only made possible through years of constant Rito bloodlines.

SpringLake Angus has continued the legacy of R R Rito 707, a spectacular bull that is building his prodgeny through the ranch’s herd sires and donor dams. Whether the bloodline be transferred through dam or sire, the Rito background has always held true to the SpringLake Angus goal, creating the most Prime beef at the earliest age possible.

Thank you to all Buyers and Bidders in our 5th Annual SpringLake Angus Sale!
We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

Now selling 10 straws of Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075.
$1,000 per straw or discount when 5 or more are bought.

SLA RB Lady Standard 6033 – 1/2 interest for sale.
View Video (Lot 7)
This daughter of the breed’s pioneer performance sire R R Rito 707 and the RB Lady Standard 305 077, a full sister to the famous RB Tour of Duty 177 bull, along with $170,000 RB Lady Standard 305-890 and $120,000 valued RB Lady Standard 305-02. This excellent heifer was sold at half interest for $42,500. The other half is for sale and will add top quality production animals to your herd!

SLA RB Rito 609 for sale.
View Video (Lot 7a)
This thick, massive bull is a full sister to the 1/2 interest sold SLA RB Lady Standard 6033 valued at $42,500. This is a son of the breed’s most famous herd sire producing families, R R Rito 707 and the excellent Riley Brother’s cow RB Lady Standard 305 077, a maternal sister to the high producing RB Tour of Duty 177 bull. This pairing created a well founded, easy going, but powerful bull that is ready to build your herd with thick, strong calves.

SLA RB Lady Standard 6033 – 1/3 interest for sale
Registration Number: 18529702
This heavy set cow was the top selling heifer on the SpringLake Angus 2016 sale selling at $86,000. This picture was taken 11/26/18 after she’d been on stalks for 30 days. This proves the weight gaining ability of this beautiful cow and her amazing power to hold that weight on. She’s already proven to be a great donor dam and has given us flush pairings with sires such as Cowboy Up, Sensation, and Acclaim. 6033 will be showcased at this years sale with a natural born calf at her side.

Check out our new sale barn!
The SpringLake Angus Center is finished and ready to showcase our animals. See the barn!